Engagement Party

There is nothing better than a party to mark this happy occasion in your life. Why not elevate your engagement party above the usual restaurant or bar setting and provide yourself and your guests with a private, picturesque location?

Indoor and outdoor dining options, as well as an abundance of menu possibilities, provides you the opportunity to customize your engagement party to be exactly what you envisioned. Maybe you desire an outdoor barbecue…or appetizers on the deck watching the sunset…or a formal sit down meal…we are here to make it the perfect event for you!

Beautiful Engagement Party Venues & Delicious Cuisine

Whether you’re hosting a beautiful engagement party during the chilly months or the picturesque fall, our venues can accommodate a party at any season. The Lake View Dining Room is perfect for mid-size gatherings as well as large soirees with 300 guests, and this gorgeous dining room features stunning views of Camelback Mountain. We have smaller rooms within this venue for parties starting at 50 people.

The Boathouse is another popular venue for engagement parties, especially in the spring and fall. The expansive deck gives way to breathtaking views of Trout Lake, and this 100 year old wood venue is both cozy and rustic chic.

For lighter fare, we have a wide selection of fresh salads such as the Spinach, Cobb and Garden Salad.  During the winter months, guests enjoy indulging in our comfort foods like the Garlic Parmesan Chicken, Roast Pork Loin, and Cheese Tortellini. Our menus are comprised of the freshest ingredients and can be adjusted to fit your needs. Vegan and vegetarian options are available and we have plenty of nut-free entrees. 

Let us make your engagement party an unforgettable one!